How can I invite someone to my plan?

You can invite users from your Dashboard.

Please note that you must be an account admin in order to invite a new user to the team.

To invite a user, please visit your Lusha Dashboard.

Step 1:

In the Team section, click on "Invite Members".

Members from your organization will be shown automatically.

Select the members that you wish to invite and click on "Invite Members":


Step 2:

You can also invite members that do not appear on the list by typing their email address:


Step 3:

The user will receive an email invitation and will only become a member of the team after accepting the invite:


Please note:

If they have not received the email, please ask them to check their spam folder.

Also, a user will not be able to accept an invite if he is already an admin on an active plan.

For any further assistance, please contact our support team.