Can I cancel a plan from the Dashboard ?

Essential and Professional plans can be self-cancelled from the Dashboard

If you are on a non self-service plan (neither Essential nor Professional) you can cancel your plan only by contacting the support team.

To cancel your plan through support go to this knowledge base ARTICLE.

If you're the Admin of a Essential or Professional plan, you can cancel the plan from the Dashboard.

To cancel your plan. please follow these steps:

1. On the top upper right corner of the Dashboard, click on your name

dashboard name essential plan

2. Select 'Account' from the drop down menu

dashboard account essential plan

3. Click on the Cancel Plan button

Cancel plan from dashboard

4. If you're not having any second thoughts and really would like to go ahead with the cancellation process, click on the Continue button on the pop up

Cancel pop up continue

5. Select the main reason for the cancellation and elaborate on the text box, and when done click on the Submit button

cancellation history

6. On your account page you will see indication of the cancellation. You're able to revert the cancellation until the date stated in the cancellation message by clicking on the Revert Cancellation button

revert cancellation

For any further inquiry or assistance, please contact support via the following FORM