How does Lusha interact with social networking websites?

Lusha does not interact directly with social networking websites.

As a browser extension, Lusha interacts directly with the Chrome web browser (in accordance with the permissions and technical definitions of the browser), without interacting directly with social networking websites, such as LinkedIn. Lusha basically “reads” limited information which is presented on the user’s browser (e.g. name and employers) without automatically scraping any data directly from the website.

Lusha then uses its algorithms to bring about a match between the profile page, which is presented on the user’s webpage and Lusha’s database. If there is a match, Lusha presents its users with the contact details of the relevant individual (which already exist in Lusha’s database).

Given that its sole purpose is to identify a match in its database, Lusha does not store on its servers or on its database, any data which is presented in social networking websites.

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