How do I create rules in Salesforce Lightning?

As part of the installation process, we highly recommend creating your first rule in your Salesforce Administrator instance.

Once you have Lusha installed in your account, as an admin you can create rules to start enriching your contacts, accounts, or leads.

If active, any new lead or contact that adheres to the rule you've set will be enriched by Lusha, and you will be charged a credit for it.

For an installation guide, check out this article.

Go to the Lusha Admin tab, and create your first rule by clicking the button.

create rule01

First, name your new rule.

SF rule name-1

Next, select the type of object you would like to enrich: contacts, accounts, contacts & accounts, or leads.

new rules 06

Note that by choosing Contacts & Accounts you will enrich contacts and the accounts attached to those contacts only.

Choosing Contacts & Accounts means you’ll be enriching contacts that match your defined criteria (with contact information) as well as the accounts they're associated with (with company data).



Now add conditions. You can use any field label in Salesforce by scrolling or searching.

SF rule 03 A

You can add multiple conditions - "or", by clicking the Or button, "and" by clicking "+ New Field".

SF rule 03 B

By clicking Save, you can see how many leads (or contacts/accounts, if you have chosen to enrich those) meet the conditions you've set and can be enriched.create rule04

To finish, click Save.

You can either start enriching now or save the rule and enrich at a later time.

create rule05.1


Now on the Lusha tab, you can see the rules, your credit status, and how many objects have been enriched by each rule.

create rule04-1

Note that it can take up to one hour for your rule to apply.

You can have multiple active rules, suspend and edit rules at any time, or delete rules.

Please read on about how to add Lusha components to accounts, contacts, and leads.



For any further assistance, please contact our support team.