Google Sheet - Lusha Integration

You can use Zapier to integrate Lusha with Google Sheets

You have a list of people in a Google Sheets but sadly no email address for them? Don't panic! With Zapier, you can now find an email address or phone numbers from a company or domain name, a first name and a last name.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't find email addresses for already saved profiles in the Sheet—only new ones after you've set it up.

How this Google Sheets - Lusha integration works

1. A new row (containing a domain or company name, a first name and a last name in separate columns) is created in a Google Sheet
2. Lusha finds the most likely email address or phone number for this profile
3. Zapier updates the row on Google Sheets with the results

What apps do you need? 

Google Sheets

1. Step 1 - Trigger - New or Updated Row on google sheet 

2. Step 2 - Action - Create Contact at Lusha 

3. Step 3 - Update Row on Google sheet with data from Lusha